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PAS-361 Series
air marking pen

These tools write on a variety of materials such as steel up to Rc-64, glass, plastic and wood. PAS-361 can also be used for deburring, trimming and is excellent for detailed carving and jobs requiring intricate clean up.

PAS-361 - Air marking pen and mini-chisel scaler

PAS-100 Air Marking Pen

Standard Equipment for PAS-361 and PAS-100

Optional Equipment

  • 7425 Chisel Kit for use with
    • 1/4" Flat Chisel
    • Round Nose Chisel
    • Chisel Blank
    • Anvil
    • 'O' rings
optional equipment for air marking pens

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Patco Model # Overall Length Net Weight Inlet Hose I.D. CFM
PAS-100 5" 5oz. 1/8 NPT 1/4" 1
PAS-361 5" 5oz. 1/8 NPT 1/4" 1