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PATCO Air Tools is a proud American manufacturer of high-quality, industrial air tools and components. For the past forty years our pneumatic tools have earned an industry wide reputation for rugged, dependable performance.

Our power tool line includes pneumatic die grinders, angle grinders, extended grinders, routers, air marking pens, scalers and needle scalers. PATCO’s powerful 1 h.p. air motor is the foundation on which we have built PATCO’s line of industrial grinders.

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Customer Reviews

"Thanks again quality I see and feel without air yet, just like I remember from my buddy’s I used along time ago. Happy that you guys still make tools cause I thought for sure the good things end over years. But not Patco! I’ll be back to get a cut off wheel one day. Thank you till then."

– Daniel – “High Quality American Made Tools”

I've been using the same Patco Die Grinder for over 20 years. It is still running with the same power and efficiency as the day I bought it. Not only are the grinders durable, but they are also made right here in the USA. Buy American, Buy Patco.

– Neal – Satisfied Customer

I recommend Patco’s tools to every foundry man I run into. Patco’s tools are reliable and always get the job done. Along with the tool’s high quality and durability comes an ease of repair. I can always swap parts in and out when needed, keeping me on the job no matter what.

– Frank – Foundry in Ontario, Canada

Our company was formed in 1995 to provide power tool repair and sales services, mostly to industrial manufacturers.  We became aware of Patco Air Tools approximately 20 years ago and are privileged to have represented and worked with this company ever since.  Many of our customers are foundries and fabricators looking for robust air grinders and scalers, strong in performance and durability.  Patco air tools fulfill these criteria.  Along with competitive pricing, ease of repair, and short lead times, we are able to repeatedly meet our customers' needs.   Customer service is obviously a priority throughout the organization and it is a pleasure to be able to easily access members of Patco Air Tool's upper management and engineering department to discuss questions about special tool applications or ideas.  We appreciate our relationship with Patco Air Tools and look forward to continuing success together in the years to come!

– Steve Wolfe – Wolfe Pneumatic Services

I have been in the Pneumatic tool business for 39 years. I would have recommended Patco twenty five years ago and today I still stand strong with PATCO. American made, very easy to work on and all the motor parts interchange in all their grinders. All my customers that I have switched to Patco have continued to use them with no complaints. Proud to be a PATCO Distributor.

– Gary Zerr – Gas and Supply

General Questions

For best results, 90 PSI of clean dry air is recommended.

Yes, Patco Air Tools is a proud manufacturer of high-quality American made tools.

Daily if you are not using an automatic oiler. Begin each day by adding 10 drops of oil into the inlet.

Never use oxygen, carbon dioxide, combustible gas, or any other bottled gas as a power source for this tool.

Reinforced type 27 wheels, (3″ or 4″) x (1/4″ wide max.) x (3/8″ center hole). Never mount bond grinding wheels.

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