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Quality Air Tools & Components

PATCO Air Tools is a proud American manufacturer of high-quality, industrial air tools and components. For the past forty years our pneumatic tools have earned an industry wide reputation for rugged, dependable performance. Our power tool line includes pneumatic die grinders, angle grinders, extended grinders, routers, air marking pens, scalers and needle scalers. PATCO's powerful 1 h.p. air motor is the foundation on which we have built PATCO's line of industrial grinders.

Die Grinders & Routers

die grinders

  • Light weight palm, short and extended die grinders
  • Collet, wheel or plug and cone models
  • Front and rear exhaust
  • 18,000 RPM, 25,000 RPM, 35,000 RPM
  • Available with a variety of D.A. collets
  • Steel or aluminum housing, 1 h.p. motor

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Angle Grinders & Sanders

Angle Grinders

  • Extended reach with small angle head for hard to reach places
  • Large angle head model for heavy duty grinding
  • 3/8-24 spindle, 5/8-11spindle, 3 piece collet spindle
  • Steel or aluminum housing, 1 h.p. motor
  • Type 1 and Type 27 models
  • 11,000 RPM, 12,000 RPM, 13,500 RPM, 15,500 RPM

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Air Marking Pens

air marking pens

  • Light weight, easy to use adjustable throttle
  • Mark a variety of materials up to Rc-64
  • Remove carbide tipped stylus and use with a chisel
  • Hardened piston for durability

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Scalers & Hammers

Scalers & Hammers

  • Three different models of chisel and needle scalers
  • Patco scalers are made in the USA with high quality hardened components
  • Needle scalers available with 5" or 7" needles
  • Patco air hammers come in a range of barrel bore and stroke lengths
  • Air hammer valving designed for controlled starts and stops

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global link tools

  • Die Grinders - 0.3 HP Motor
  • Right Angle Grinders - With 1/4 Collet
  • Mini 4-Bolt Chipping Hammer
  • Cone Wheel Grinder - 1.5 HP, 5/8-11 Spindle
  • Vertical Grinder - 3.0 HP, 7" Capacity
  • Engraving Pen Carbide Tip

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