G-1350-1 Cut-Off Wheel Tools

Patco G-1350-1 Cutoff wheel tool incorporates our durability and reliability of the G-1340 and adds cut off wheel capabilities. Available with both a 3″ and 4″ wheel guard to fit a variety of your cutting needs. Its steel motor housing with a safety lock-off lever system (differs from the 1340 body lever style) is made to withstand even the most rigorous work conditions over long periods of time. The housing is also available in a lightweight aluminum. Equipped with the same rugged motor as our other 1 HP die grinders making all of the pneumatic motor tool parts interchangeable with both the G-1340 and G-1350 pneumatic tool lines.

Model #H.P.RPMThrottleType 1 wheelO.A.L.Net WtHousingAir let
G-1350-1.925,000Safety lock-off3" or 4"7"2 3/4 lbs.Steel1/4" NPT
G-1350A-12 lbs.Aluminum