GE-1340-C Extended Die Grinder / Heavy Duty Ext Die Grinder (Cross Reference CP-9113ES)

The extension on our GE-1340-C makes it ideal for working inside of deep crevices or other recessed areas.  In addition the extended air tool is outfitted with an adjustable side exhaust and a highly accurate double angle collet. The GE-1340-C is equipped with our rugged 1HP motor making all of the motor parts interchangeable with both the G-1340 and G-1350 lines, as well as with the CP-9113ES.

GE-1340-C-HD Series

Our GE-1340-C-HD extended heavy duty die grinders offer the same capabilities as our GE-1340-C series, but are equipped with a heavy duty spindle, shank, bearings and extended housing that increase the tools durability and performance. At 1 HP and 25,000 RPM this die grinder offers enough power and length to work effectively in the hard-to-reach areas. The housing is also available in a lightweight aluminum and 18,000 RPM.


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Model #H.P.RPMThrottleCollet InsertO.A.L.Net WtHousingAir let
GE-1340-C.925,000Safety1/4" STD*11 1/4"3 1/4 lbs.Steel1/4" NPT
GE-1340A-C.925,000Safety1/4" STD*11 1/4"2 3/4 lbs.Aluminum1/4" NPT