GE-1340-W Extended Wheel Grinder (Cross Reference CP-3040-LANHUT)

Patco GE-1340-W 18,000 RPM Extended Wheel Grinders with interchangeable 2″, 3″ and 4″ wheel guards and side exhaust system are ideal tools for weld smoothing, casting clean up, and burr removal in fabrication shops, die shops, shipyards, power plants, and refineries.  Each tool is equipped with a rugged 1 HP motor interchangeable across both the G-1340 and G-1350 lines, as well as with CP-9113/CP-9113G grinders, making its versatility unmatched. Its steel motor housing is made to withstand even the most rigorous work conditions over long periods of time. The housing is also available in a lightweight aluminum making it a high quality aluminum pneumatic tool.

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Model #H.P.RPMThrottleWheel*O.A.L.Net WtHousingAir let
GE-1340-W.918,000Safety3"12 1/2"3 3/4 lbs.Steel1/4" NPT
GE-1340A-W3 lbs.Aluminum